Tips for a successful mobile application development

The study shows that 90 percent of users uninstalls an app after a single usage, 77 percent don’t use an app after a single usage. So, it is very important to analyze various factors to get your App development correct to keep rest of the users engaged with your application.

There are various factors which contribute to a success of a mobile application. To list down few of them:

  • User Experience: App should be easy to use for the user and provide a proper user experience allowing the user to use your app comfortably instead of making them struggle to figure out how to interact with your app.
  • Design: Again this is dependent on point one. Design to simply user experience and have a proper intuitive UI. A simplistic UI which is easier to use is more important than having a funky UI with font size and color themes which are not comfortable to a user.
  • Functional app/QA: It is mandatory that your app performs the features which it describes to the user. If a user is not able to perform some action or your app is not behaving the way it is intended to, a user will simply delete your app. Having few features which are fully functional is better than having many features which are buggy. Make sure that proper testing/QA is done for your app and issues are addressed at earliest before adding a new feature. Eliminate negative first before adding positive.
  • Mobile Data usage: Make sure that app uses minimal mobile data as per the requirement. An app should be optimized to request new data only when it is required or requested by the user. Apply proper cache mechanism to avoid re-download of media again and again.
  • Battery Usage: Make sure that your app is not eating up too much battery. Performing unwanted background calls and not taking care of optimization can result in extra battery usage.
  • Don’t block your user: Time is very precious for your user. Don’t make them wait forcefully when it is not required. E.g forcing the user to view promotional video every time on splash screen. This is not a website where you keep showing promotional content to a user. A user should be able to access the features of the application within milliseconds of launching. Don’t implement time-consuming animations within the application. Load data on a background and unless it is not mandatory don’t block your user with synchronous calls. If you have ads as your revenue model make sure to integrate it in a way that user is not frustrated, leaving no option for them other than uninstalling your app.
  • Security: User’s data is precious. Make sure your application is not storing user’s private data and taking care of all the security measures to protect user’s data.
  • User feedback option: You should be open to take feedbacks from the user and provide an option within the app where a user can send bugs, feedbacks or queries.
  • App Size: Your app should be as small as possible in size. Use techniques like App thinning and on-demand resource download to minimize your app bundle size.
  • Responsiveness: Your app should function properly on various device sizes and also on various OS versions.
  • Caching: Most application these days uses cache mechanism to cache images and media so that they same resource does not get downloaded frequently. This is good to save users mobile-data but again this also results in an increase of App Size post installation when the media cached to local device storage keeps growing. The developer will need to apply this feature smartly to clear older caches the right way when not in use. Most of the users are not aware of clear cache settings available on Android device for an app and they simply delete an app when they feel application size is huge.

These are some of the core factors to take care of as a part of app development process to keep your users happy. There are various other factors like ASO and different market strategies which fall under the marketing/SEO part for your application which is equally important for gaining traction but before that these points will make sure that your audience will love to use your app once they install it.

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