Points which developers should not ignore and take ownership — part 2

In my previous post, I discussed about areas where developers become careless intentionally or unintentionally which affects the overall quality of the app/product being developed.

Now, let us talk about the reasons of such mistakes and how to prevent it.


  • Feeling Ignored

If developers have a feeling that they are ignored or their suggestions does not have weightage in brainstorming activity, they will not open up to provide their inputs.

  • Bad Leadership / Product Management

Again this point outcome is related to above point. Developers can become ignorant when they are forced to follow what leader’s / product owner ask them to do without having open discussing with them and listening to them.

  • Culture where developers are given least important

This again relates to point one. Environment has a lot of impact in the productivity of an employee, be it Designer, Developer, QA etc. This is also one of the major reason at many workplaces where Developers are given least important which may not be intentional but it just happens to be that way because developers are not client facing in all the scenarios so they may get less appreciation/recognition compared to someone who is client facing (BA / Design Team / Product Owner). In this situation developers feels demoralized and starts lacking initiatives to take that extra steps & ownership for building great product.

  • Developer lacks the knowledge or skills are not up to the mark

This is mainly due to developer’s own fault when they do not upgrade their skills and keep learning best practices in the area they are working in.


  • Give importance to your developers and have an open brainstorming meeting whenever required where everyone feels comfortable to share their own views and team can come to a conclusion with the best possible outcome that can be achieved depending on various factors like deadline, scalability, quality etc.
  • I strongly believe in this saying : “A leader doesn’t create followers but always gives birth to new leaders”. Leader’s role should not be just to delegate task to his team, but to extract the best out of the team members and drive them to lead and take initiatives in positive directions. Leader should take care whether the team is following the right practices or not and always guide the team in a way that team always stay motivated to take the right approach to deliver the best they can. Train the team to have a mindset till next iteration and not restrict to just the current deliverables.
  • Always give proper appreciation and recognition for the developers who deserve it. Appreciation can be in any form but it is important to convey it to the developers who have given their best by stretching nights to deliver a successful product.
  • Developers should be consistently pushed to upgrade the skills and provide an environment where they stay motivated to upgrade themselves. Arrange hackathon, meetups, training classes etc..

To conclude everything, create an environment where developers feel self motivated. Have proper transparency. Lead them in a way to extract best out of them and guide them in a way that they always deliver the best from their side.

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